The southernmost part of Spain: Andalusia! Taste the Mediterranean culture and enjoy the peace, sunshine and hospitable locals. A visit to this beautiful area leaves you wanting more.. Imagine: a second home, an apartment by the sea or studying in wonderful Andalusia. In this region you will find major cities such as Malaga, Seville and Granada. Pack your bags and embark on the adventure…

Interesting facts

Before you travel to the Spanish south, it is useful to know something about the region:

• Do you know that Andalusia has about 8,500,000 inhabitants and the capital is Seville?
• Do you know that the oldest bullring is in Ronda (also in Andalusia)?
• Do you know that there are ‘white villages’ in Andalusia? Setenil for example, there it seems as if the houses come out of the rocks.
• Do you know that Andalusia is only a 2.5 hour flight from the Uk?

Climate & gastronomy

If you like the sun, Andalusia is the right place for you! Here the sun shines on average more than 300 days a year. The average temperature over the whole year is above 16 degrees and in the summer months it can be tropical warm. Sometimes it is above 40(!) degrees. In general, it is wonderful to stay on the beach in the summer and it is 28.5 degrees. A refreshing dip in the summer months is no problem, because Andalusia is largely located on the beach. Suppose you would rather live in a smaller inland village, then it might be nice to go for a holiday home with a pool! There is a cozy atmosphere in Andalusia and that is partly due to the gastronomy in the region. Taste the typical Spanish tapas in local restaurants or prepare your own meal in your new home. Nice to know is that the best Spanish ham comes from Huelva.

Why live in Andalusia?

In this region you will be completely immersed in the real Spanish cultures… You will hear a lot of passionate flamenco music and cozy fiestas are held in the evening. The inhabitants are very hospitable and it probably won’t take long before you feel completely at home among the locals. House prices are also sometimes a lot lower in Andalusia, which makes it a good investment. Not such a bad idea at all to emigrate or buy a second home in Andalusia.

In the bustling cities or in the smaller villages, many houses are offered for a good price. With a bit of luck you can buy a ‘Finca’! Do you already see yourself sitting there: enjoying the holidays with your family, friends or your partner. No more heavy suitcases or searches for good hotels. Just your own place where you can completely relax during your days off. In our guide you can read all the tips and tricks on how to best tackle this!

Dream away in Andalusia…

You can certainly dream in this region, because wow.. what a landscape! Green nature reserves alternate with higher mountains and vast sandy beaches. There is plenty to do for sports enthusiasts. Think of activities such as cycling tours, walking tours through the desert area near Almeria, skiing in the Sierra Nevada and surfing on the coast in Tarifa. The real bon vivants will certainly feel at home in Andalusia. There are plenty of nice shops where you can have a bite to eat and have a drink on the terrace. You come across the rich culture and delicious gastronomy of Andalusia again and again and continue to surprise you. Enjoy the real Spain and maybe you will discover one of the many undiscovered areas…

Big cities & small villages

The region has cozy authentic cities, such as Seville, Malaga and Granada. These cities are full of life and actually have everything you have in Dutch big cities. Think of restaurants, shops, pharmacies and other facilities. Many travelers come to the south of Spain in the summer, which makes it a bit busier, especially in the places on the beach. Temperatures are very warm and tropical in summer, causing locals and travelers to flock to the coves and larger beaches. Gibraltar is located in the southernmost tip of Andalusia. A beautiful city that belongs to the United Kingdom. It is a bit strange though, going through customs if you want to enter the city and pay with pounds.

In addition to the large cities, there are many cozy villages, such as Arcos de la Fontera and the beautiful Frigiliana. Do you already see yourself sitting among the locals in a beautiful house in the south of Spain? Delicious, and it is certainly a good investment. House prices are in fact quite low in Andalusia, because it is a relatively cheap region! Why still doubt?

Fast from a to b!

Ideal… living in Andalusia and in another city within a few hours. This is possible with the high-speed lines in the major cities. If you depart from Seville